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The Office of Cancer Clinical Proteomics Research (OCCPR) promotes the sharing and dissemination of laboratory tested technologies and reagents to benefit and promote research across the world.  To this regard, several key resources (i.e. data, software tools, reagents, biospecimens and documents) have been developed in OCCPR's initiatives have been made publicly available :

  • Mouse Biorepository: provides samples remaining from the Mouse Proteomic Technologies Initiative
  • Software Tools: developed from previous funding
  • Regulatory Science: peer-reviewed journal articles exploring the regulatory nature of proteomics in coordination with the Food and Drug Administration,
  • Open Data Policy: highlights efforts and articles that are working towards the open distribution of research data.

In addition to these resources and tools, the Antibody Portal houses over 190 monoclonal antibodies developed against 69 different antigens.  Each of these antibodies is publicly available via dual distribution mechanisms (academia/industry), all of which have been well-characterized with  standard operating procedures and data related to each characterization procedure.

Assay Portal
Software Tools Portal