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Aspera & HTTP Data Download

Data from CPTAC Data Portal may be downloaded using either Aspera fasp™ technology or HTTPS data transfer.

Aspera fasp™ Technology

The CPTAC Data Portal has deployed an Aspera Connect Transfer Server to distribute data files. Read more. This server, with fasp™ technology, is ideal for the transport of large data files like those generated by mass spectrometry. To use the Aspera service, you must download the free client software to your computer (download). You can install this prior to selecting data to download or you can do this, when prompted, at the time of data download.

The Aspera Connect Server at the CPTAC DCC uses nonstandard ports for security, UDP 33001 for file transfer and TCP 33001 for User Authentication (via SSH). If you are working within a security firewall at a University or Research Institute, these ports UDP 33001 and TCP 33001 may not be open. Thus, you will need to contact your IT security staff to open these ports. Alternatively, you can download data using HTTPS data transfer.

HTTPS Data Transfer

HTTPS transfer serves as a secondary transfer method when the internet connectivity required for Aspera fasp™ technology (UDP port 33001 open and TCP port 33001 and Aspera Connect Client installed) is unavailable.

Aspera Installation Guides

Aspera Installation Guide (Windows)

Aspera Installation Guide (Mac)