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NCI Proteomics Assay Portal Releases 660 Mouse MRM-MS Plasma Assays

CPTAC Assay PortalBuilt on a continuous partnership between National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the University of Victoria Genome British Columbia Proteomics Centre, NCI’s CPTAC Assay Portal releases 660 mouse multiple reaction monitoring-mass spectrometry (MRM-MS) plasma assays to the community.

In a paper published in Communication Biology, investigators from the University of Victoria Genome British Columbia Proteomics Centre, a leader in proteomic technology development, developed 500 precise mouse MRM-MS assays. These assays, which constitute part of the current release of 660 assays, were validated according to CPTAC guidelines. The assays provided in this study serve as a useful open resource to the cancer research community and should prove useful to many researchers as they provide accurate and high-throughput molecular phenotyping of mouse models and potentially other organisms used in oncology.

A key aspect of the assay portal is to provide a repository where proteomic researchers from across the globe can upload and share their quantitative assays with standard operating procedures and guidelines. To meet this goal, NCI is continuing to improve the assay upload process to have an independent process for public/non-CPTAC teams to upload their assays in a seamless fashion and will provide updates on this effort to the community as it comes available.

Follow the steps below to access the assays:

  • Go to CPTAC Assay Portal
  • Select Available Assays
  • Type 'UVic' in the Search Box
  • Open the Filter Assays menu by clicking on the down arrow
  • Open the section on Species (click on the down arrow)
  • Select Mus musculus (Mouse)
  • You will see at the top of the table that there are 660 assays.