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The precisionFDA NCI-CPTAC Multi-Omics Challenge is Open for Submissions

Creator: Daniel Sone,
Source: National Cancer

The National Cancer Institute in partnership with the Food and Drug Administration is pleased to announce the launch of the precisionFDA NCI-CPTAC Multi-Omics Challenge. The aim of this crowd-sourced, cloud-based data challenge is to incentivize the development and evaluation of novel computational algorithms that can accurately detect and correct mislabeled samples using rich multi-omics data. The challenge runs on the precisionFDA platform, with the ultimate goal of producing an open-source product that can be incorporated into a quality-management system to reduce mislabeling errors. An immediate outcome of the challenge is a flagship manuscript that highlights the challenge data, questions, design, and outcomes.

Join the precisionFDA NCI-CPTAC Mislabeling Challenge today.

Key Dates:

Launch and data release for subchallenge 1: September 24, 2018
Subchallenge 1 submission deadline: October 31, 2018
Data release for subchallenge 2: November 1, 2018
Subchallenge 2 submission deadline: December 18, 2018
Results posted on precisionFDA: January 22, 2019