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Data Portal

The CPTAC Data Portal is a centralized repository for the public dissemination of proteomic sequence datasets collected by CPTAC, along with corresponding genomic sequence datasets.  In addition, available are analyses of CPTAC's raw mass spectrometry-based data files (mapping of spectra to peptide sequences and protein identification) by individual investigators from CPTAC and by a Common Data Analysis Pipeline.

A core principle of CPTAC is the sharing and re-use of data across the biomedical research community, as vital to accelerating scientific discovery and its clinical translation to patient care.  The Data Portal represents the NCI's largest public repository of proteogenomic comprehensive sequence datasets, essentially a Proteogenomic Cancer Atlas (PCA).  Proteomic data and related data files are organized into datasets by study, sub-proteome, and analysis site. All data is freely available to the public, subject to the Data Use Agreement.  Reference mass spectral peptide libraries resulting from these studies may also be downloaded freely from the NIST Peptide Library.