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150 New Assays on the NCI Assay Portal!

One of the missions of the Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium (CPTAC) is to provide proteomic resources to the greater scientific community. So, we have great news to announce! CPTAC has added 150 "fit-for-purpose," multiplexed, mass spectrometry-based proteomic targeted assays to its Assay Portal!

CPTAC researchers at the Pacific Assay PortalNorthwest National Laboratory (PNNL) developed these assays as a part of a study to proteogenomically characterize high-grade serous ovarian cancer (HGSC).  These 150 Selected Reaction Monitoring (SRM) assays include 109 direct LC-SRM assays, 13 high-sensitivity PRISM-SRM assays for non-modified peptides, and 28 LC-SRM assays for phosphopeptides using TiO2-based affinity enrichment.

Before being added to the NCI Assay Portal, these assays were verified through rigorous ‘Assay Characterization Guidelines’ to ensure that they meet CPTAC standards, bringing you quality reproducible assays.

This release has pushed the amount of publicly available CPTAC proteomic assays to over 2500, targeting 2448 unique peptides contained in 1464 unique proteins.

Do you have proteomic assays you want to contribute to the NCI Assay Portal?  Contact OCCPR’s Program Manager, Dr. Mehdi Mesri to find out how!