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CPTAC Biospecimen Collection Solicitation

A funding opportunity in support of the National Cancer Institute’s Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium (CPTAC) seeks to prospectively procure tumor samples, collected for proteomics investigation. The scope of work under this Statement of Work encompasses the activities needed to prospectively procure high quality, clinically annotated human tumor samples, blood and plasma, and when feasible, normal tissue from volunteer patients suffering from colon, ovarian, and breast cancer. The tissue will be utilized for CPTAC Program with the samples obtained under conditions optimized for proteomic analysis.

To download the full request for proposal (RFP) S13-088 for the collection of ovarian, breast or colorectal tumors click here.

For information and contracting details download the agreement, here.

All questions and request for additional information can be directed to Jessica Staley:

Phone: 301-228-4796