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More Validated Targeted MS-based Assays Released on the NCI Proteomics Assay Portal!

New assays have been released today!  CPTAC and researchers from the University of Victoria – Genome British Columbia Proteomics Centre just released over 130 quantitative, fit-for-purpose, multiplexed mouse multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) mass spectrometry (MS)-based  plasma assays for public use on NCI’s Proteomic (CPTAC) Assay Portal

The UVic group has contributed 954 of the over 2350 targeted human and mouse MRM-based assays to the Assay Portal.  Each assay is freely available and have been validated according to the CPTAC experimental guidelines to ensure standardized and reproducible quality.

The CPTAC Assay Portal is a public repository of well-characterized, MS-based, targeted proteomic assays designed and optimized for use in mass spectrometry.  All SOPs, reagents and assay characterization data for each assay are also included on the Assay Portal for maximum transparency to biological community. Finally, the portal is designed to enable users to seamlessly implement the assays in their laboratories through the use of Skyline software (a freely available Windows client application for building and analyzing targeted MS data).

CPTAC’s commitment to making data freely accessible to the scientific community allows these assays to be a tool for hypothesis-driven research.  Cancer clinicians, biologists and biochemists can apply these methods to further the understanding of proteins and move the field closer to developing more effective patient monitoring and therapies.

NCI’s continuing improvement of the assay upload process makes it easier to have an independent process for public/non-CPTAC teams to upload their assays in a seamless fashion.  Stay tuned for the upcoming release of our pre-upload data quality tool soon.  Sign up for email updates here.