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The Proteomic Data Commons Is Now Live!

NCI announces the launch of the NCI Proteomic Data Commons (PDC)! The PDC is a next-generation proteomics data repository within NCI’s Cancer Research Data Commons with corresponding genomics and imaging data sets to enable data access, analysis, and sharing for integrative research. Cancer researchers can access these data for analyses and submit their own data sets to share with the research community. Whereas in the past, data sets have been analyzed with separate pipelines, the PDC harmonizes multi-omics data with a common set of analytic pipelines to make it easier to study the information.  

By making these data set available usingPDC is now launched! modern computing and network technology, the PDC makes it possible for any researcher to ask new and fundamental questions about cancer and provides much-needed tools to accelerate research and the development of personalized treatments for individual patients.

For additional information about the PDC and how to access or submit proteomic data, visit