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Rodriguez Recognized as Recipient of the MSSS AACC Chair’s Inspirational Award

HRodriguez AACC-MSSS awardDr. Henry Rodriguez, director of the Office of Cancer Clinical Proteomics Research, has been recognized as the recipient of the Chair’s Inspirational Award by the Mass Spectrometry and Separation Sciences for Laboratory Medicine Division (MSSS), American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC).

The mission of MSSS is to further integrate mass spectrometry and separation sciences with laboratory medicine and patient care.  MSSS engages thought leaders in mass spectrometry and separation sciences through collaborations with other AACC groups; national and international laboratory organizations; diagnostics and technology manufacturers; and organizations in related areas.

The award honors an exceptional scientist and visionary leader that inspires others through his or her work on advancing mass spectrometry in patient care, and the role of clinical chemists in translational research.

The award was presented at the 7th Annual MSSS AACC meeting in Philadelphia, PA, and was presented by Dr. Bennett (President, AACC) and Dr. Zhang (Chair, MSSS Division).